One Room Challenge: The Kitchen {Week 1}

Complete one room in your house in 6 weeks {amazing concept!} while networking with others who are like minded, sharing information, tips, and providing support and encouragement ... sounds just like what I need.  

Hi, I'm Robin, and I've been mired in decorating self-doubt and angst about making changes to my kitchen for what feels like forever.  I guess That changes right now thanks to the ORC.  This challenge is about do'ing, getting done, and putting it all behind you, and I want that soooooooo badly.

I'm replacing my paralyzing need for perfection with a pragmatic approach and will be thrilled if I can take our kitchen from "meh" to "much better".  I'd love to share a mood board with you but that would suggest I have a complete plan, which I don't.  I do have a good starting point, so let's begin with that.

Baltic Brown granite countertops and an oversized backsplash.  Busy. Bossy. Dated.  Even though this type of granite isn't trending for kitchens (or anywhere else), the countertop is staying.  It's in perfect condition and so carefree to work on, keeping it seems the responsible thing to do.  The backsplash is a different situation though.

The backsplash is 12x12 {floor?} tiles while the countertop is a quarry slab.  Just like we all know to purchase wallpaper from the same dye lots, or that its better to have all cans of a paint color mixed at the same time, granite by the same name from different sources can vary in color and pattern; that's what happened here.

The backsplash reads much darker and heavier than the counters.  It also has a fleshy pink undertone to the taupes.  It casts those tones onto the counter and muddies the counter appearance; on its own the counter includes true taupes and tans and a more evenly distributed pattern.
Step 1: Replace the backsplash with a subway tile
Step 2: Paint walls, go light
Step 3: Paint {some} cabinets.  Would love to do a "tuxedo" kitchen going a darker tone on the base cabs
Step 4: Installed accessories: hardware, trim details, open shelving :)
Step 5: Integration / Flow with adjoining open-floorplan spaces

Hope to see you in Week 2,

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About Robin, the Author
In between obsessing about how brown my kitchen is I enjoy cooking healthy versions of comfort-food dishes and completing a personal challenge of 365 days of daily exercise.  A lover of dogs but currently without one in residence, we’ve begun looking for a sweet new furry friend.  I believe self-care is not selfish but still is not easy and that self-care is where being the best you you can be begins regardless of age.  Email me at:

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  1. Love your ideas so far! Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

  2. Excited to see the end reveal, I know it'll be great.

  3. I'm be following along to see your progress. Your plans sound great.

  4. Sounds like you've got some good ideas. Good luck over the next few weeks. Can't wait to see the end result.


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